peg dolls from germany

Here in the US, it's almost impossible to buy peg dolls with conical shaped bodies, so when I arrived at Castle in the Air last Saturday and spied a basket of these lovelies, I bought a bunch of them.  It was fun to try out doll-bases of different shapes.

Not only did they have conical figures, they also had conical figures with wooden gnome-hats!!

My little one and I have been reading this gnome book, so I got busy right away making some wee gnome children for him. (Plus, we have this pop-up book, which is really sweet!)

I don't think these conical shaped dolls are listed in the online shoppe at Castle in the Air, however, if you call the store, I suspect they'd be happy to ship some to you.  Mother Goose Online also sells a fabulous selection of German-made peg doll bases via mail-order, and in Australia, you can find lovely peg doll bases at Winterwood Toys.

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  1. They are wonderful Margaret! Its fun to see the different shapes that are out there. Thanks for the book recommendations too!


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