designing projects

Leading up to February 2nd -- the start of the blog tour for my new book Making Peg Dolls & More -- I thought you might like to see photos showing the process of designing some of the projects.

In the top photo of this post you can see me stitching an applique for a small shoulder bag designed for a child to gather pebbles, leaves & acorns, etc... Above is my original drawing for the applique.

And here are the paper patterns I created from the drawing.

This is a test pattern for the dragon marionette in the new book.  This pattern was nearly right on the first try, but do you see the test pattern for the bird in the background?  It looks simple, but that design took six test patterns before I was happy with it!

These are the original paper designs for the pirate ship wall hanging.  I quickly took this photo before clearing the kitchen table & dashing off to pick up my little one from pre-school. The photo helped me remember how to arrange the pieces the next time I worked on the project.

In the animated trailer below, you can see I forgot to add the crow's nest to the top of ship's mast (oops). Now that I've let you in on the secret of this accidental omission, you can add it to your own pirate ship wall hanging!

On Wednesday I will have a post showing projects created by friends to test patterns for the book. See you then!


  1. Love seeing your process and attention to detail. Also got excited when I saw facebook post thinking you were starting on another book.

    1. Hi Ginny -- Your wish is my command. I have been trying to get around to writing a proposal for a third book since the summer but have been busy with... life! Am hoping to start writing a third book sometime this year, which puts the possibility of publication at least 2 years down the line. I am not, by nature, a patient person, but am learning that these things take a lot of time... Stay tuned -- I won't keep it a secret if things start to move forward!


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