gratuitous toddler photos

Because we baked cookies (again) and because he's small and cute...

 I thought I would share some gratuitous toddler photos with you.

Do you think he put enough sprinkles on the cookies? Here you can see he's checking his supply and inclined to add more.

Book update: The photos are done, the writing nearly done, and the very talented Anette Grostad is now drawing the patterns. I wish I could share some "process photos" with you, but everything still needs to stay under wraps.  However, might I suggest you go and have a look at Salley Mavor's blog?  Salley is working on a new edition of her gorgeous book Felt Wee Folk, and she & her husband have been very good about documenting some of the process.  You can have a look here for a fun sneak-peek.



  1. He is adorable ... and you can never have too many sprinkles!

  2. It looks like a perfect day with your little sugar cookie. Happy to hear about the progress, too! Yay!


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