Making Peg Dolls Blog Tour, etc...

Yesterday my little kitchen was filled with children.  What were they doing?  Making peg dolls (of course!)

Why so much peg doll making and festivities?  A few reasons:

1) In 10 days, Making Peg Dolls will officially be released -- then anyone, anywhere who wants a copy can get one!

2) In less than 2 weeks (Monday February 4th, to be exact) the blog-tour for Making Peg Dolls will launch.  Way back in July, I mentioned there would be a blog tour, and I just realized I've hardly said a peep about it since then; however, behind the scenes, things have been busy, busy, busy planning for this.  There will be books to give away and some really delightful surprises awaiting you over at each of the 12 blogs during the run of the tour.  Please do come back on February 4th so you can see what's happening and follow along the parade route of tiny peg doll fun (can you hear the wee trumpets practicing their tiny, peg-doll sized fanfares?)

3) On February 10th (less than 3 weeks away) Kepler's Books in Menlo Park will be hosting a book launch where I will be offering doll making classes.  Yesterday was a test-run for those classes, and, as you can see, everything was splendid.  If you would like to participate in a class at Kepler's on February 10th, you can get more information and register for one of the sessions here.  Or if you just want to say hello and have your book signed, that would be grand!!

I'm counting down the days... Are you?


  1. I really am! How exciting!!! X

  2. All soooo exciting!. And what a fun day the little must have had here. :)

  3. So exciting! Love all those little peg dolls all lined up. So sweet.

  4. This is so charming ! I'm sure those kids had a marvelous time! I can't wait to get your book, my dear friend!

  5. They look gorgeous! Happy counting down

  6. Soooooo looking forward to this

  7. So gorgeous.... really looking forward to your book, and crafting with my Lily.... have you seen these by the way?
    best of luck with this new adventure - and thank you so much for bringing it to us xx


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