The Red Balloon

My wee Bloom is completely obsessed with balloons.  When he wakes up in the morning, often his first word to me is 'bobble,' which can either mean 'balloon' or 'bottle' and I'm not sure which he means to convey... likely both.

My brother gave my wee fellow a DVD of The Red Balloon as a gift.  It's such a delightful film, and I think the rest of us around here enjoy watching it nearly as much as the baby does.

Do you have a favorite scene from The Red Balloon?


  1. i remember watching it in school. it is such a lovely little film.

  2. you've made it official--we must watch this film! I didn't realize it was family friendly.

  3. this is my favorite film of all times! i taught it in elementary school and college humanities. everyone fell in love with it. my favorite scene has to be the end. although my kids love when the balloon tries to stay away from the school master.

  4. Oddly, my experience with The Red Balloon was an ancient picture book of my grandmothers about Big Black dog, and Mother white dog taking wee dog on a picnic. So I am always confused when this other story is the one everyone talks about. I think it has no dogs in it at all, which is a sad missing of an opportunity. I mean, don't you think?

  5. I have never hear of The Red Balloon but have a balloon loving little lady myself. Every time she see's one she taps her chest as says "Ma" which is the start of her name. In her world all the balloons are hers. I'll have to look for this movie. I have been AWOL but it's lovely to come back and back read. Hope you're all well.


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