Bad Family Photos

We were a family of three for a long time, so it felt like a rite of passage to take our annual holiday photo as a family of four. Taking our family photo this year was a big event and we had a lot of fun... but most entertaining has been looking over the photos and inserting "thought-bubbles" above Baby Bloom's head. Take, for example the photo below:

"They look like a nice family, but I'm not sure I belong here... Maybe if I stop drooling they'll let me really be in the photo. Meanwhile, I wish that kid in the red shirt would stop using me as a sofa cushion." Yes, this really is an unfortunate photo. And, no, this particular photo will *not* be featured on our holiday card.

After taking some "proper" photos, we got silly and started rolling around on the floor...

Hey, little baby, please let go of those (fragile & expensive) wire frame glasses...


"Hey, where are you going? Come back!"

"How did I get stuck up here, suspended at the top of this photo? Could someone please get me down?"


  1. haha!!! I think they capture the chaos of a new baby just perfectly! (I'm especially fond of the eyepoking picture, oh the memories it brings back)! One year a friend of mine who was a single mother, and who so tried to capture her kids smiling, sent us all Christmas cards with her kids crying their eyes out...it was the best she could do on photo day with two totally unco-operative kids!
    The top photo is lovely though...you dear mama are just stunning and radiating such happiness!
    xo maureen

  2. Hi Nicole! Hi Maureen! Thanks for visiting... Yes, the top photo is nice (except, of course, for the fact that the baby is nearly squished out of the picture!) We've got 3 other photos we're working with to create our New Year card -- they are variations of that one (minus the squished baby...)

    FYI -- Maureen, I popped a surprise in the mail to you yesterday (coincidentally, it's an art project/swap facilitated by the above mentioned Nicole!)


  3. It's so hard to get 'The' right family pose...after a few takes, I just settle for the best one :)
    I thought it would get easier as the kids got older...but NO! :)
    I love your assortment of photos, the eye poking brought back many memories :)


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