Blog-iversary Give Away #1

photo and doll by Melissa of Wild Faerie Caps

Dear Friends -- Today is the first day in a week of celebratory "flash give aways."  Here we have a beautiful flower fairy peg doll created by my friend Melissa of Wild Faerie Caps (thank you Melissa!) To win this wee sprite please leave a comment under this post (and be sure I have a way to contact you if you are the winner.)  Comments will close tonight, 9 p.m. PST.  A winner will be chosen via random number generator and announced here at this post.

If this flower fairy came to live at your house, what would you name her?  (I'm thinking Violet, for the color of the petals around her collar...)  Good luck!!

Congratulations to Kenda who commented, "She reminds me of the hyacinths which grew in my Mother's garden every spring."   You have won the lovely hyacinth gnome!

p.s. In case you are interested, sign-ups for my blog-iversary peg doll swap are open.  You can find out more information here.


  1. I am just learning to make peg dolls. Hope to be abale to show kids at church how to do this!

  2. I think maybe she should be crocus...that's what her petals reminded me of.

  3. Delightful! I wouldn't name her, there would be no point because my children would rename her!!

  4. How about Viola? Just about to start making my very first peg doll.. Thanks for the giveaway.
    rcandjc (at) skymesh (dot) (com) (au)

  5. She's cute! I was told she looks like a 'Pinky'

  6. She reminds me of the Hyacinthes that grew in my Mother's garden every spring

  7. She is adorable. I think if I win her I would let my daughter name her.

  8. She is very sweet. Her name would have to be something Spring inspired like Dew Drop or Petal or Sweet Pea. She makes me smile.

  9. Primrose. Beautiful colors, gets me in the mood for spring.
    Andrea G.