Birthday Thoughts

Our birthdays are feathers in the broad wing of time.
-- Jean Paul Richter

Dearest everyone --

Thank you for your kind birthday messages yesterday.  All the good wishes fluttering my way via facebook, blog, email, text message, phone call & snail-mail made my day a special one, because, to be honest, I spent the entire morning cleaning the house and the afternoon recovering from the effort.  Thus, all your happy messages were, indeed, the best part of the day!

Also, there was this wonderful supper provided by the handsome Mr. Bloom -- Vegan Chinese food from my favorite restaurant...

And cake (of course...)

It's funny... this business of birthdays.  I spent a bit of time hunting for a poem or quote for this post which might suit my feelings.  I like the quote at the top of this post quite a lot, but then there is also this one:

Time may be a great healer, but it's a lousy beautician.
-- Anonymous

There are moments when I feel due respect & gratitude for gifts brought by the passage of time, but mostly these days I'm feeling a bit cynical and grumpy about the business of  birthdays (could it have anything to do with my creaky joints or the fact that my sagging jaw-line and crinkly crows-feet cause my vanity to suffer?)

 How are you feeling about birthdays lately?  Any thoughts you'd care to share?


  1. Ha! I'm a little disgruntled at my sprouting grays, but I love your quotes. Isn't there an old proverb about gray hair being a crown of wisdom? I don't know about the wisdom part - the older I get, the less I know. Glad your day was a treat, I hope the "aging" gets better and better, and that your eyes and heart grow accustomed and graced with the beauty of it.

  2. I'm fairly disapproving of plastic surgery, but as of late I've felt less and less judgemental...I guess i'm softening. literally.

  3. Have you read "Seven Silly Eaters"? It's one I cherish, about a busy mom of seven and how they inadvertently bake her a birthday cake. She's so REAL...messy house, pear shaped, red Converse sneakers, frazzled...but her joy in her children's handmade gifts at the end is so inspiring. I find it hard work to let go of vanity as I realise, finally, that I won't ever look like I did at 25 again (and damn, I wish I'd appreciated it back then!) HOWEVER, I do find a certain freedom in the different beauty that comes with surrender and grace...and look forward to being an inspiring beautiful, OLDER woman (like so many I've looked up to)...happy birthday to you!

  4. Happy Birthday! a few trips around the son, no biggie. I often forget how old I am and like it that way. Not in a disgruntled bitter kind of way, just simply forget about it. In my faith Bday's are often not celebrated. Of course it's up to the individual and children are always celebrated in some kind of way. We are eternally spiritual and time is actually no part of eternity.

    Love to you!


  5. Missed your birthday. But then, I never know what day it is, anyway. I would kiss your cheek and pat your head and call you Grasshopper, if I were there. I have had SO many more birthdays than you, and yet, wrinkled and ornery as I am, I am still the wind, I am still a slash of color, I am still an idea that bursts full blown from the head of almost into the light of yes. And I will stand beside you and make sure you always look young.


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