Taking the Train

A few weeks ago, our wee Bloom suddenly become very interested in trains, so I decided maybe it was time for him to take a ride.

I packed up the little guy, his big brother, his teddy bear backpack, and off we went to the train station.

We rode 15 minutes to a nearby town, had cookies at a cafe, ran around the park in the cold winter sun, collected pine cones and then...

Back we went to the train station for the trip home.

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  1. looks fabulous! i remember train rides when i was little and how special they were. i'm going to find a way to do this around here in the spring!

  2. Love it!!! Trains are so much fun. When Tiven was little she & I would do "public transit day" where we would just go get on a bus in a random direction, transfer to a train, ferry, streetcar, cable car, and ride around all day seeing whatever we saw, doing whatever we found.

    1. Hi Stacey -- I love the idea of public-transit-day, transferring from train, to bus, to ferry, enjoying the journey and perhaps a surprise destination. My favorite public transit adventure was with little Mr. taking the (new at the time) BART just past the airport, getting off at the Embarcadero station and going to the Ferry Building. Adventures ensued which I can, perhaps, share with you another time!


  3. Lovely! I have long been wishing to find a nearby train adventure for my little fella. It looks like it was a magical day!


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