A Gift from Sparkle Stories

Following the unbearable losses in Newtown Connecticut last week, Sparkle Stories has responded with a gift.  They are offering a story free to us all -- this is what they say about it on their blog:

We want our children to grow up believing the world is beautiful and good – which it is – even in the face of  profound suffering such as this.

 We immediately knew we wanted to create a story — something to support children who may hear (or feel) the impact of the incredible tragedy.  Stories can be powerful healers — they can offer solace, they can be a vehicle for deeper understanding, they can provide emotional support through mirroring, and they can inspire conversation.  We wanted a story that addresses loss and tragedy, but that leaves children with a sense that the adults in their world love them, and are keeping them safe, and are doing everything they can to ensure that it never happens again.

You can find this story gift here, and you can learn more about Sparkle Stories here.  Thank you to David and Lisbeth of Sparkle Stories for this beautiful response.

Sending prayers to the families in Newtown...

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