Faith, Magic and Patience

It's cold and drizzly outside which tells me that it's time (again) for planting bulbs.  All it requires is faith, magic and patience (plus some dirt, bulbs, sun and rain.)

Here is the dirt -- a comfortable place for sleeping bulbs to nestle in and have a little winter rest...

Here are the bulbs (this year I planted tete-a-tete jonquils, grape hyacinth, white narcissus, plus some type of frilly narcissus which, I believe, have been named after Sir Winston Churchill...)

 And here they are again, nice and cozy, tucked beneath another warm layer of dirt (now all we need is some sun & rain... and patience...)

 I look forward to gifting sprouts in December...

 And keeping a few pots to enjoy blossoms in March!

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  1. Yes, it's real magic:) Last year gnomes gave my daughters similar bulbs in autumn and we watched wonderful blossom in spring than:)


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