Summer Solstice Fairies

A few months ago Little Mr. asked me & my husband, point blank, whether it really was we who left fairy notes & treasures for him.  Mr. Bloom and I exchanged nervous glances, and then, not wanting to lie, I told Little Mr. that, indeed, we did sometimes step in for the fairies (tooth-fairy included.)  I really thought that was the end of it, as far as fairy visits to our house go.  But then Little Mr. lost a tooth, and there was much excitement about the impending visit of the tooth fairy.  "Okay," I said to myself, "I guess we're not done with fairy visits yet!"

And tonight, Little Mr. asked us why it was still light outside at 8:30.  When Mr. Bloom and I explained that it was Summer Solstice, Little Mr. asked whether there might be Summer Solstice Fairies and, if there were, why didn't they visit us?  I explained that we had never invited them, however, if he wrote a note, they just might pop in for a quick hello. You see, the Winter Fairies have been regular visitors to our home, and so, if there are Winter Fairies, surely there must also be Summer Fairies, too, right? Right! Our fairy-door was brought down from the bookshelf, a pencil was found and a purple post-it note, too:

Dear Summer fairies,
I wonder if 
you are Real 
and if you are 
what do you do?
please leave a note.
Little Mr. 


 In response the fairies wrote:

Dear Little Mr.
Of course we are Real!
As Real as your smile
and the blink of your eyes.
What do we do?
Encourage the flowers to grow,
tickle the caterpillars & crickets,
dance in the moonlight,
tease the cat so he runs & leaps
like a wild imp and we also
leave treasures & treats for 
children like you.
The Summer Fairies


  1. Awh this is so sweet :)

    Lady Ardour, Queen of the Fairies at Farthen Abbey X

  2. This post made me very happy!
    What a joy.

  3. Wonderful post, my kids are teens now, but when they were younger we had fairy visits as well. Such a fun part of childhood and parenting, thanks for the happy reminder! :)

  4. You are quite delightful Mrs Bloom

  5. What a lovely post. My little one is just discovered fairies and I hope the magic lasts!


  6. wonderful :) I should have provided proof of fairies this summer solstice as my girl is slightly vexed that she has not ACTUALLLY seen them as she figured she would from what I said. Where did the little door come from btw? Got to get me one of those! X

  7. Absolutely heart melting!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this post!! That's so wonderful that fairies are still visiting your home...I think I will cry myself when my children don't believe in fairy magic anymore...I think it's magical just to see their faces light up when a fairy has come to visit!!
    P.S. I love your fairy door..very sweet and inviting!!

  8. I love that. The other day an evil little girl got mad at me and told my son Santa and his elves were not real when I wasn't around. He came to me crying (he's 4) and I said "well santa lives in all of us" then "St. Nick was a real person" but then his eyes got big and he started crying more and said "you mean he's not anymore?" and I said who told you that? and then said well, I don't think she's going to get any presents from santa if she doesn't believe in him and he said "yeah she's on the naughty list" and it seemed to cure his cries. I want life to remain as magical as possible for my little one for as long as possible.

  9. oh we also have a candy fairy...she comes and takes away halloween candy and leaves a toy. my son made a trap for her (he put tape all over the bag of candy) but she got away anyway...


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