Yet Another Bird-Mobile

 It seems I cannot get enough of this bird-mobile design.

 It was inspired by this tutorial here and this is... ummm... the third time I've posted about it.

 Remember my New-Year mobile?  I just had to make another...

 With blue-birds!

The new mobile replaces this one which little Mr. and I made in anticipation of our wee Bloom.
It's been hanging over his little bed for nearly 2 years (20 months, to be exact.)

And now all that is left of the old mobile is this little red-feathered fellow.  We've been having so much fun flying him all over the house... chirp, chirp, chirp!

And my wee Bloom seems to like the new blue-bird mobile lots!


  1. Beautiful! Our blue birds were busy building their nest all morning outside the kitchen window : ) The girls are very excited, we might need to make a mobile to celebrate!


  2. Ah those birds are very special, ours are still flying beautifully....

  3. i love your bird mobiles. we just put our first one up as it seems our little mancub adores birds too! his first word a few days ago was "caw caw" for the birdies. :)


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