A Give-Away over at Wild Faerie Caps

I thought I'd alert you to the fact that my friend Melissa over at Wild Faerie Caps has a wonderful give-away going on right now at her blog.  The give-away is for the "Simple Complete Waldorf Doll Pattern" (with access to an on-line tutorial) from Adirondack Patterns. Using this pattern, Melissa created the doll pictured above... isn't he grand?  This is the first doll Melissa has ever sewn for her boys, and she was so thrilled with the pattern, she just had to share it by giving a copy of the pattern away.

To enter the give-away, just pay Melissa a visit over at her blog and leave a comment under her post from Tuesday, February 21st (and you might want to go there soon because the chance to enter the give-away ends Friday at midnight.)  Adirondack Patterns is also a wonderful place to visit. There are so many of delightful patterns there to browse through...

Happy Thursday!


  1. Thanks for passing this on, lovely one. (:

  2. What fun! I've been wanting to make a doll for my little fella. This one is darling. Thank you for the treat!


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