Bird Mobile

 Happy New Year to you!

 For the new year, I wanted to create something fresh, bright and pretty for my home.  I'm sort of cheating here because I posted a link to this tutorial back in early November. I had to share this project with you when I discovered it because it was so wonderful, but I hadn't yet actually made the mobile.  I finally got around to it and here it is.  It's hanging in the corner of the kitchen, over our dining table... fresh and bright... we love it!

Just in case you missed my first post linked to this tutorial back in November, here it is again...


  1. i do love the light and air-y-ness about it.

    happy new year to you too dear!!

  2. Oh, this is so darling! I do so love the clever things you make! It makes me want to chirp and add bells and wait for a fresh breeze!

  3. Oh, too sweet! And perfect for the new year - your birds convey something so light and airy and, to adapt the words of Anne of Green Gables, something of a fresh year with no mistakes in it! I am itching to make one...

  4. Oh! I wish I wasn't so busy building a house, I love these, maybe when I'm settled, fresh white birds for a new house...

  5. You and birds. I love that the big bird has an egg shaped hole with a tiny baby bird in it. And I love how light the mobile is - like a song.


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