A Visit from the Winter Fairies

For the past five years the Winter Fairies have been visiting our house on Winter Solstice.  We decorate the house... We leave treats...  This year we left the last winter rose of the season and my little Mr. left a note: Dear fairies, May I please have a stuft fox, a white string, and a wooden bead about this size [see drawing in photo] oh, and look out for the cat  hope you like the cookies and oranges Love, little Mr.

 This year we also set out our fairy-door to help the fairies get into our house without soiling their midwinter garments from soot in the chimney (you can read more about our fairy-door here...)

In return for the treats we left for them, the fairies left a tiny note and brought treats for Little Mr. (they also brought a treat for Wee Bloom!)  Nicely wrapped parcels from the fairies...  I wonder what's inside?

A wee wooden fox (they said in their note that a stuffed toy fox would be too heavy to carry, but that they would call in reinforcements next year so they could carry a heavier parcel), a wooden bead & string (as requested) and a little whistle-toodle-pipe for our Wee Bloom.
 Thank you Winter-Fairies -- 
We are always so happy to have you visit our home!


  1. That is such a cute idea for Solstice! We had never celebrated solstice here, and I had planned on doing it for sure this year, and somehow time escaped me with all the handmade things I've been making for Christmas. But thanks for sharing this, I will try to make sure I bookmark this as a reference for ideas for next year!

  2. So sweet! Love their wee gifts and wonderful notes!


  3. So I am curious, what is he going to do with the bead?

  4. The bead and string? He tied the bead to the string so he could twirl it round and round, sometimes letting go so it goes flying through the air. He had a bead and string he'd been playing with, and he lost it after flinging it off into some underbrush. When he asked me for another bead and more string I said "no" (the swinging and flinging was driving me nuts.). Because I refused to give another bead and string to him, he asked the winter fairies (clever, non?)

  5. Oh, yay!! A new wooden fox. Now I know he will grow up to be a well-adjusted and joyful man. Two foxes. Sigh. Love.


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