Our Fairy Garden: Revisited

 Do you remember the fairy-garden we made as part of the fairy-garden competition over at Magic Onions this past summer...  Well, since we last invited you for a visit, our garden has acquired two new inhabitants: a tiny bluebird and a wee turtle who loves to swim in the little dish.  We've also swapped out the paper flags for tiny "bead" lanterns (those paper flags were a bit worse for the wear after a summer of sun and a bit of autumn rain...)

Anyhow, the reason for these recent refurbishments?  It all has to do with anticipating the arrival of the Winter Fairies who will pay us a visit on the Winter Solstice.  A few weeks ago my Little Mr. and I were having a chat, and he inquired whether he might write a note to the Winter Fairies, asking for a particular gift of some sort.  I thought this was a grand idea... the Winter Fairies always appreciate a bit of advance warning when there is a special hope in the heart of a child. So, I asked him whether, after he wrote the note, we should hang it from a tree in the garden so that the Garden Fairies could convey the message to the Winter Fairies?  Or, perhaps, we could leave the note on the doorstep of our fairy-door?  My Little Mr. put my wrong-thinking to rights immediately. He planned to leave the note in our fairy garden.  Of course!  Our fairy garden!  Silly mama, where else does one leave a note for the fairies?  Now I know (and you know, too!)

P.S.  And while we're on the topic of fairies... Faith Pray of the blog Sacred Dirt created the loveliest  of fairy doors for her daughters.  She shows photos of it in this post (and has posted several other links most magical, too!)  It's worth a visit if you are a lover of fairies!


  1. wishing i was a fairy to enjoy such a lovely garden!! checking out fairy doors now!

  2. Fairies are missing from my life these days...must listen to a baby's first laugh or ring some tiny bells to summon them back in!

  3. What a fantastic fairy garden! I love the bead lanterns. Thank you for the link love, and for keeping such a pleasant blog home!


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