A Donsey of Gnomes Give-Away

 Gnomish give-away upon Gnomish give-away!  Do have a hop over to the blog Chocolate Eyes where you can find a give-away for a copy of Sieglinde De Francesca's book A Donsey of Gnomes.  And not only that... included is also the give-away winner's choice of one of Sieglinde's Kit N Tales.

And please don't forget about the give-away I posted earlier this week for a Wild Fairy Cap Autumn gnome!  To enter the give-away you can visit this post here (and don't wait long... the give-away will close on Monday!)


  1. Thanks so much for posting about this! I love the Wild Fairy Cap Gnome! It's so lovely!


  2. Oh I'm loving these gnome posts! I spent a little time in a beautiful Steiner shop earlier this week and have had a heart and mind full of gnomes ever since. I would love to read these stories...


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