Today I Made This Cake

Today I made this cake.  It's a plum cake. I spotted the recipe here over at Orangette and I won't bother retyping the recipe because Molly does such a good job of explaining it over at her blog...  

I made the cake because this week we're celebrating my good, sweet husband.  A year ago I wrote this post and followed it up with this post.  We're celebrating the fact that he is good & healthy & strong -- and all he has to show for the events of last year is great big scar.

P.S.  Sorry about the dodgy photos.  Autumn has finally arrived in Northern California... We're having our first rain of the season so the light is a bit gloomy.  But inside my house we have big, yellow happy faces to spare!


  1. Even upside down they are grinning madly!

  2. Oh what a happy celebration! Blessings to you all!

  3. glorious cake and glorious husband no doubt! celebrate with wild abandon.

  4. Your cake looks wonderful! I am glad your husband is well, looks like a fun celebration! :) April


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