Do you remember these books from your childhood?  Thanks to Chris over at Mamaroots I have been sent to my distant past and re-introduced to these long-forgotten, dusty ghosty-tales (perfect for a ghosty-tale... long-forgotten and dusty, don't you think?)

 In celebration of Gus (and the upcoming Halloween season) Chris has made some darling wooden Gus-figures and she is giving one away.  Quick, quick -- visit Chris at Mamaroots before midnight tonight.  Her give-away closes then!

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  1. ha, I just picked up a copy of this at the thrift store. well a few weeks ago. my son is getting some strange (or probably normal) fears and one of those is ghosts and I thought this might alleviate it. I loved Gus when I was young, he enjoys it too...not as much as me singing the song Casper the Friendly Ghost but close...;)


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