Second Hand Saturday: The Little Brown Bear

We received many lovely baby gifts. My favorites are always the ones which have been handmade, however another of my favorites (and most unique) was this book.

The inside cover is inscribed by hand: A very Happy Birthday to Thomas from Your little friend Freddie Greene, Jr. 1927.

The book begins:

This is the story about the Little Brown Bear who lived in a hole in a hollow tree. All winter long the Little Brown Bear slept in his cozy house, curled up in bed of oak leaves. He slept all night and he slept all day, and he never woke up till winter was over. Then, when the snow was all gone, and the grass was green again, the Little Brown Bear opened his eyes and jumped out of bed and hurried out of his house to look for something for breakfast.

The story follows the Little Brown Bear as he meets 3 cows, 3 pigs, 3 hens, 3 ducks and 3 horses. Some of the animals are unfriendly to the little bear and others share with him so that he has a nourishing breakfast. However, when the little bear finds a bag of golden pennies lying in the road he uses the pennies to rescue all the animals, no matter whether they'd been kind or not, from being sold at market.

Surely Thomas (and his friend Freddie Greene, Jr.) are now grandfathers. I hope Thomas (the birthday boy) enjoyed this book as much as we have!


  1. Such a sweet book! All the better that it has been loved again and again!

  2. What a beautiful and unique book? I've linked to your blog. We enjoyed that clip of "Little Bird, Little bird" so much that we played and played it on your blog. My son fell in love and so I bought the cd. We LOVE it!

    Thanks for that! I want to collect her lovely cds now.



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