Second Hand Saturday: Blue Birds

The plate was made in England and the cup is from France. They don't exactly match, but they do look pretty together. I love blue-birds... don't you?

* Second Hand Saturday is inspired by Arianne of Still Parenting.

Note: I cannot post about blue birds without acknowledging the devastation wrought by tornadoes in the state of Missouri recently -- the blue bird is, after all, the official state bird of Missouri.  You can find out more about this by visiting Mamaroots here.  And if you feel moved to help, here is a link to the United Way website where you will find a page dedicated to providing assistance to those affected by the tornadoes.  Sending blue bird blessings to all families affected in the blue bird state...


  1. I absolutely truly LOVE birds, especially bluebirds, but swallows best of all. We are bird mad in our house. Have you seen the video for Pete Seeger's song Little bird, little bird covered by Elizabeth Mitchell on YouTube? Go watch it immediately! You will love it. :-)

  2. Oh, I am definitely coveting this! Lovely.