Gnome Looking for a New Home

One of the things which delighted me most about the peg-doll swap I hosted in February was the creativity it inspired. You only have to have a peek at the wee peg-doll gallery on this blog to see that it's so. Another source of creativity was the way some of the dolls were displayed on the blogs of the women who created them. This blog post, in particular, created by Kate of the blog Too Many Things in my Head had me laughing. I enjoyed it so much that I have to share it, part & parcel, with you here...

Hello. I am a house gnome.
You know - gainfully employed finding lost things at night.
General tidying up, little bit of mischief every now and
then to keep the spice in life, but generally a good soul.

But my job tenure is nearly up and
I have an opportunity on the horizon -
an opportunity to change a few things in my life.
I am excited. So I have been looking around for new digs.
It's a good time of year for that.

I need a new home.
You know, somewhere to lay my hat when I feel the need.

This looks lovely, I like the storage shed at the side and the rock feature...
But here, I'd have to take my hat off every day and
to be honest, in cold weather - I'd just rather keep it on....
I think I'll keep looking.

Ooh, this one here is impressive. Spacious, lovely gardens.
This is kind of grand. I like the garage at the back and
the double fronted villa has always appealed to me.
A lovely outlook.

Aah, but when you look around the back
you can see quite a bit of damage to the roof.
I just need a low maintenance home - no great big jobs to do -
I want to enjoy the country life without too much
"up on the roof in the rain" kind of work.

No thanks on this one.
More for the home handy gnome than for me.
Hmm, where next...

Oh sweet.
A one room place - just like Noddy's house for one!
Let me think - not much time spent cleaning or tidying.
Which definitely appeals after my last job cleaning up other peoples things.
A bit of shrinking magic would be required but still...
I am an outdoorsy kind of gnome and
this home would definitely encourage me to get out and about...
It's a nice neighborhood...

But no. Too small really.
Downsizing a bit would be ok but
that kind of magic being required every time
you have to nip back in for a hat or scarf.
No - that is just not me.
Lovely though - hope it goes to a good gnome.

Yes, it is a lovely neighborhood but, you know.
There just isn't anything for me here.
Sometimes you just have to look and enjoy looking but
accept that what you really need isn't here.
That it isn't going to magically work out right now.
Back to www.realestategnome.com for me.

I hope I find something soon,
this sharehousing with humans is hard work.
They can be grots and to be honest I love dirt
but just not in the places they tend to get it.
I have enjoyed being a house gnome,
and finding lost socks and other bits for them
but you know, my tenure is up in this job
and I just feel that a change in location would be great.

Maybe I need to be brave... Think big.... Overseas??? Hmm. Air travel.
That could appeal to a well dressed and accomplished gnome such as myself.

Food for thought.
Anyway, for now I am off to enjoy the sunshine
and tickle some bulbs to wake them up.
Happy days people.


  1. I am smiling, such a fun read, cheers Marie

  2. I love venturing into other people's imaginations...makes me feel like I'm not so weird after all! Weird in a good way, of course!!

  3. Too cute!! What great mushrooms too.

  4. Just wanted to let you know we made your bread mice today! Thank you so much for sending me the link. The children LOVED it!!!! The tumeric works a treat! The Wed group are making their lot tomorrow. I'll try and take a pic, and link back to you! Cheers! Amber MamaMoontime.

  5. he can come and live here, we have interesting fungi about the place.

  6. Actually, Shannon, he has come to live with me (yes, he has taken up another post as house gnome (despite his reservations about this sort of work...) As we approach summer the soil in our garden has dried up and all the mushrooms have gone away so he has taken up residence on my bedside table. He hides among the piles of books and, sometimes in the morning when I reach for my glasses the naughty creature pushes my spectacles out of the way and jumps into my hand instead. He is not helpful.