The Knight Life

When Mr. Bloom & I saw this comic in the San Francisco Chronicle we laughed ourselves silly. We've been very busy installing gates on our staircases and baby-proof latches on all floor-level cabinets... But somehow, those little hands seem to discover ways to access all sorts of things we've neglected to gate off or nail down.

The payoff? Views of a round little diapered-bottom retreating away to the sound of gleeful laughter... then an about-face and my happy little person is creep-creeping toward me and back into my arms for a joyful embrace...


  1. That's too funny, I am enjoying the time my wee one is not mobile, but I know fairly soon we too will be gating everything off. Time really flies with little ones around.

  2. I can so relate. Except that our wee man is happily toddling about the place heading for light sockets, leads, our crockery cupboard and the cats food! It happens so fast, doesn't it? The baby is gone and the toddler is here. Our wee man is one in ten days. I am sure my womb has only just stopped pulsing and already he is one. Yikes! Enjoy that little creeping diapered bottom for as long as you can.