A Visit from the Winter Fairies

With all the fun we had during Little Mr. Bloom's winter-break from school (and Mr. Bloom's winter-break from work!) I hardly had time to keep up with this little blog... So, if you will, please bear with me while I back-track over the past month, or so!

First, I'd like to travel back to winter solstice when we were visited by the Winter Fairies!

The Winter Fairies started visiting our home about 4 years years ago. We light candles and usually bake tiny, fairy size cookies, however, this year, because of the baby, cookie baking simply did not happen. That was okay, because the fairies were perfectly pleased with the little tangerine we left for them. Little Mr. B. also leaves a note every year for the fairies. This year, in his note, he requested an autumn fairy doll and a small stuffed mouse (last year he asked the fairies for a framed picture of themselves and a sister-fairy as a companion for one of his other fairy dolls...)

We also decorate the house... In years past, we have welcomed the fairies to our home by decorating with paper chains, paper cut snow flakes & paper cut fairies. This year, Little Mr. B. put himself exclusively in charge of the decorations. He created four "Welcome!" signs and had me hang one over the front door, one over the back door, one in the stairwell doorway and one in the kitchen doorway (he wanted to make sure the fairies took heed of the signs, coming and going...) I'm pleased to say, all four signs are still hanging in their places... the signs are so very cheerful and "welcoming" that I cannot bear to take them down!

And those clever fairies! It's amazing what they come up with! They left a note (with minuscule, fairy sized writing) thanking Little Mr. B. for the tangerine. Plus, as requested, they left a tiny autumn fairy doll and a stuffed mouse! In addition, there was a pretty little music box which plays the cheerful march from the first act of the Nutcracker Suite for Baby Bloom.

Along with Little Mr. B's "welcome" banners, we still have sprinklings of shining fairy dust on our hearth (from when the fairies came down the chimney...) As with my reluctance to take down the banners, I won't be sweeping up that fairie dust any time soon. It's always nice to have a home sprinkled with fairy dust. It reminds me of all the fun they bring to our home and makes me look forward to the next time they pay us a visit...


  1. I love when the fairies come to visit. Oh my, I wish I had thought of the Winter Solstice fairy party when my kidling was little. We did have a fairy birthday party when she was 10 and everyone had fairy names, we made wands and head wreaths and there was plenty of fairy dust! I'm so glad we aren't grown ups!

  2. Oh I am so happy to hear that you welcome the fairies this way. It brings such pleasure to their little hearts to know that folk believe. You must keep that fairy dust. Pop a few flakes in a little box and use it for wishing :)