Gifts from the Garden

Yesterday morning Sweet Baby & I went out to the garden to watch the squirrels scampering up the trees & the chickadees at the feeders. I was amazed to find 2 small flowers blooming tenaciously on the frail, wintering climbing rose.

Imagine that! Roses in January (and they are as delightful to smell as they are to gaze upon...)

I also stumbled across our first narcissus blossoms of the year...

And these Syrendell Sprites managed to find 2 perfect violas tucked away, hidden in some corner of the garden (clever sprites!)

Spring seems a long way off. The weather here is gray, cold & damp, but the spirit of spring has come whispering. Before me, to brighten my kitchen table are a few gifts from the garden...


  1. Oh you lucky California girl!!! These are the months when we here in Canada LONG for greenery and fresh blooms! Only 3 more months of snow!!
    xo maureen

  2. Oh, Maureen... I send you bits of sunshine everyday (on the days we have sunshine, anyhow...)

    You know, I still have the folded paper star you sent me last spring. I've moved it from my window to the wall in my kitchen -- it's in a pretty corner with other colorful things to match its bright pink, orange, golden-yellow & magenta colors. I love it and have been meaning to send you a photo of this happy little corner of my home...