Words of Wisdom

There is a lovely blogging community called WOW (an acronym for Words of Wisdom) which, twice a week, features a different blogger. The featured blogger is referred to as a BON or "Blogger of Note." Today is my day. Today I am the "Blogger of Note." So, welcome to everyone visiting me from WOW...

Standing in the garden yesterday morning, I wondered how best to introduce myself... When I started this blog the first week of March, 2010, I didn't begin the project with many expectations. I wasn't sure how often I'd post, what I'd post about or who might read and comment. I started because I wanted a creative outlet, a way to focus on the beauty, gifts and growth which surround me. It's been a lovely surprise, this unfolding, evolving experience of blogging. I've enjoyed posting, enjoyed feedback and enjoyed the connections I've made so far.

With a 3-week old baby in the house, my blog has suddenly & decidedly taken a rather baby-centric turn, but if you rummage through the archives you'll find more variety... I've posted links below to a few of my favorite posts:

Leaving the Window Open


Now, Where Did I File that Tapeworm?

Thank you Pam & Sandy for creating WOW, a generous forum for bloggers to build community, and thank you Kathy of Everyday Bliss for considering my blog worthy and nominating me to be a Blogger of Note.

Wandering Wednesday

Here I stand in the garden, my tender sprout and I. We say "hello" to the pretty penstemon flowers. We sniff bits of thyme & rosemary (destined for the soup pot tonight...)

I show him the tomato plants, the zucchini, the pumpkins and cucumbers. I point out the strawberries, the sprouting nasturtiums, the climbing bean vines and twining morning glory.

This summer he is borne in my arms. Next summer he will be taking his first tentative steps on his own two feet. This summer, he is the newest sprout in the garden, newer than the sprouts of sweet basil and lemon balm. Next summer he will share of the fruit of this garden. He will share the first strawberries with his brother, taste his first green cucumber, his first ripe tomato...

Note: This Wandering Wednesday post is part of a weekly photo challenge put forth by Gardenmama. For more Wandering Wednesday posts you can visit Gardenmama here...


With Each Child

With each child, the world begins anew.

Fun with Baby

Our first night home from the hospital I was brushing my teeth & getting ready for bed when the phone rang. Little Mr. answered the phone and began chatting -- it was my mother on the other end of the line. Because I was busy brushing, I missed the ensuing conversation which my mother related to me a few days ago...

Little Mr. B. asked my mother, "Would you like to hear my baby cry?" And before my mother could say, "No," Little Mr. had reached over and plucked the pacifier from the baby's mouth. He obligingly put the phone up to the baby so my mother could hear him cry and then quickly popped the pacifier back in.

Little Mr. has been very gentle and understanding with the baby, but there is a certain level of curiosity, fascination and amusement. Clearly, pulling the pacifier out of the baby's mouth and then popping it back in to stop the crying is amusing to my seven year old. I was slightly mortified by the actions of my son, but I have to say, I nearly fell down on the floor because I was laughing so hard when my mother related this phone conversation to me.

Meanwhile, I'm planning to get Baby B. a t-shirt which says, "DON'T TOUCH MY BINKY!"



This is a marvelous graffiti-art depiction of evolution. However, please note: if you want to show it to your children, please consider previewing it first. At the end, there is a depiction of war and weaponry which some might find a little upsetting.


Baby in the Moby

Thank you Kathy (over at Everyday Mommy) for coming by to help with this. I know, with a little more practice, I'll get the hang of it!


Wee Bloom is Here

At 8:32 in the morning on July 4th we first gazed upon the sweet face of our Baby Bloom. Things are a little busy around here. Hopefully I'll be back to posting in a few weeks...



The soul should always stand ajar...
Emily Dickenson


Mama Reads

I've been reading. I'm not usually a fan of short story collections but this book has me grasped firmly in its clutches. Have you read Memory Keepers Daughter by Kim Edwards? This is by the same author.

Each story is mesmerizing. I find myself stunned by the author's originality and wonder where she comes up with ideas for these stories.

If you're looking for an interesting book to read in all your spare time (ha!) and you can get past the fact that this is a collection of short stories (not a novel), then I highly recommend this!