Seasonal Swap (or delights from afar!)

It arrived! It arrived! It finally arrived! On Saturday, I opened my front door, and there on the doorstep was a box dotted with postal stickers from Australia. I opened the box... such delights to behold!

A little toadstool house, a tree... and a gnome!

The house, tree & gnome were immediately requisitioned by one of my resident elves (a.k.a. my Sweet Child.) He grabbed a couple of little wooden sprites from the mantle-piece (so our gnome would have some friends) and off we went down the street to share these wonderful treasures from afar with our friends...

Thank you Katie for organizing the Southern Hemisphere Seasonal Swap. Thank you Shannon for spreading the news about the swap on Rhythm & Rhyme. And most of all, thank you to Nikki for this magical gnome and gnome-home (& tree!)

P.S. If you'd like to see more magical treasures made by Nikki, you can have a look at her blog here.

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  1. The second i saw it I just knew it was from Nikki! you lucky, lucky family! Yay for you!


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