Oh, Rats!

What were we up to at 10:30 this past Saturday night? Let me tell you.

It seems Charlie the Rescue Cat is quite the hunter. A few weeks ago, I came downstairs on a Sunday morning to discover a partially-consumed baby rat. A week later, Mr. Bloom stumbled across Charlie consuming a similar tasty snack. Then, on Saturday night, in marched our little hunter with yet another prize, but this time the prize was still alive. We sprang into action. The cat dropped his rat, brave Mr. B. captured it by putting his foot on it's tail and I grabbed a box to contain the beast.

Once the rat was was safely in the box (and Charlie complaining loudly & giving us dirty looks for stealing his prize & spoiling his fun) we had to decide what to do with it. Neither of us could stomach ending it's life, nor did we want to return it to the wilds of our gardens. Mr. B. said he would take it to the forested park down the hill. I suggested that, if he had fun taking our little friend on a moon-light stroll in the park, afterward they could go for an ice cream cone, and maybe for a boat ride on the bay or a trip the zoo. Mr. B. did not think this was at all funny.


  1. Oh Rats !!!... At least the cat catches them in the house so you don't have to worry about having rodents... I want a cat like that... a mouse could probably cuddle up next to my cat and he would do nothing.

  2. Oh, gracious! He does not catch them in the house... He catches the rats in the garden and then invites them inside to join him for "a little snack." It would have been quite a circus if that live rat had escaped in the house!