Good News (and a little flab)

Good news -- we finally got the pathology report results from Mr. B.'s surgery... Benign, benign, benign! Thank you for all your good thoughts, wishes & prayers. He's home now from the hospital sporting a gigantic scar across his abdomen and vows he'll be back on his bicycles in a month (or so...)

Meanwhile, thank goodness for the distractions of a fat Buddha baby who needs tickling and a sweet 7 year old who needs hugs and stories (favorite book this week? Doris's Dinosaur by Rosemary Wells.)

Now for the flab... My Sweet 7 year old announced to me the other day that, because he is my first-born, he is my "first-best-boy" and that, because baby is second-born, he's "second-best." I insisted that they were both my "first-best" but that baby didn't have any freckles. Little Mr. B. has 9 beautiful freckles, each one sweeter than the next. Little Mr.'s response to me? "Yeah, I have freckles and baby has flab." I nearly fell off my chair laughing!

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  1. Delicious, squishable flab! Glad your hubby's on the mend...