Words of Wisdom

There is a lovely blogging community called WOW (an acronym for Words of Wisdom) which, twice a week, features a different blogger. The featured blogger is referred to as a BON or "Blogger of Note." Today is my day. Today I am the "Blogger of Note." So, welcome to everyone visiting me from WOW...

Standing in the garden yesterday morning, I wondered how best to introduce myself... When I started this blog the first week of March, 2010, I didn't begin the project with many expectations. I wasn't sure how often I'd post, what I'd post about or who might read and comment. I started because I wanted a creative outlet, a way to focus on the beauty, gifts and growth which surround me. It's been a lovely surprise, this unfolding, evolving experience of blogging. I've enjoyed posting, enjoyed feedback and enjoyed the connections I've made so far.

With a 3-week old baby in the house, my blog has suddenly & decidedly taken a rather baby-centric turn, but if you rummage through the archives you'll find more variety... I've posted links below to a few of my favorite posts:

Leaving the Window Open


Now, Where Did I File that Tapeworm?

Thank you Pam & Sandy for creating WOW, a generous forum for bloggers to build community, and thank you Kathy of Everyday Bliss for considering my blog worthy and nominating me to be a Blogger of Note.


  1. Stopping by from BON.

    The pictures of the garden look fantastic. Congrats on your BON day.

  2. Congrats on the new edition! And double-congrats on your BON-worthy status today...

  3. WOW is not just an acronym. It's my comment! Congratulations on your blog, your family, and your fanciful filing system.

  4. Enjoy your BON day. I have enjoyed looking around and have taken note of your creative filing labels! All the best to you.

  5. Happy Happy Bon Day dear friend!! I hope you find it fun!

  6. Keep up the good work.. you know me I didn't come from Bon but think you are doing a faboulous job.


  7. Dear ScoMan, Melissa, Katie, Blissed-out Grandma -- Thanks for stopping by to visit my garden & for your kind comments!

    Kathy S. & Kathy O. -- As always, happy to hear from you!