From Caterpillar to Chrysalis

Truly, it was like magic. One by one, the caterpillars hung themselves upside down from the top of their little home. For about 10 hours they looked like upside down, J-shaped caterpillars, then slowly, imperceptibly, a change started to come over them, one by one. The head of the first caterpillar acquired a light brown "glaze," & over the course of an hour the brown "glaze" crept up the body until the upside down caterpillar looked like an iridescent chrysalis.

I was able to get a photo of a J-shaped caterpillar next to a fully formed chrysalis so you can see the difference. Amazing...


  1. What a fabulous thing to see...the caterpillar next to the chrysalis. I have to go back and read the "caterpillars in my mailbox" post that I see in your right-hand column. My grandson would love this. What the heck--so would I!

  2. I love this!!!

    I also love that my friend Nancy (Blissed-Out Grandma) has been by to visit!