A Small Error Leads to Unintended Kindness

Today when I picked up our mail there was a small, cream colored envelope addressed to my Little Mr. There was no stamp, no return address and the penmanship of the address looked like the hand of an elderly person. Inside the envelope was a note thanking my son for a hand-decorated paper bag bearing Mother's Day wishes and containing a hand-made, flower shaped, ceramic votive holder.

"Aha," we said, this explains the mystery of the missing Mother's Day gift.

Last Friday the children in my son's class decorated paper bags to wrap their hand-made ceramic votive holders for Mother's Day gifts. Little Mr. left his wrapped gift behind in the classroom on Friday, so his teacher decided she would drop it off at our house. Mrs. M. lives around the corner and up the hill -- you can see the back of her house from our garden. She sent me a quick e-mail over the weekend asking whether we had found the gift on our doorstep. No... we had not found the gift on our doorstep... hmmm...

Today's note explains the mystery and I'm very glad this is where my Mother's Day gift has ended up. Offering a surprise to our elderly, reclusive neighbors is far better than receiving the ceramic votive holder myself...


  1. Awww...what a sweet happening! :)

  2. This is absolutely beautiful, I truly appreciate when the universe steps in and kindness is given unexpectedly and many times just at the right place and time. : )