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I never thought I'd have only one child. I thought I'd have at least three. After two rounds of IVF, we were lucky and very blessed to conceive our son (see above), but we were not so lucky with our attempts to bring home baby #2. The second time around, we went almost directly to adoption, thinking, "How hard can this be? We will sign up with an agency, fill out reams of paperwork, and at some point our second child will join our family." After more than 3 years of anticipation, then sadness, grief and problems we had never imagined, we gave up. Sobbing, we packed up and gave away car seats, strollers, board books, baby blankets, clothes and the little hats I had hand-knit in anticipation of our new arrival.

And from this I learned that sometimes you have to let go -- really let go -- to find the right answer.

I couldn't give up the idea of having a second child and then an answer I had never thought possible came to me. I met a mother in my son's kindergarten class who had been a surrogate. I thought to myself, "We've been through too much already and my husband will not have the heart to try again." At first he didn't accept the idea, but after some difficult conversations he came to a place where he was willing to try. It took only 5 weeks to find our perfect surrogate. She's everything we'd hoped for and more. She's a blessing, a miracle and generous beyond all imagining. We are expecting a baby the second week of July.

I'll keep you posted...

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  1. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing..And wow.
    We have had our own trials and losses on the path to babyhood, but not to the degree that you two have... My heart goes out to you guys, so much. And I am so happy for you! Now I cannot wait until your baby arrives (: