We start here...

I've been thinking for weeks about starting a blog... but I got stuck on the questions. Why blog? Is there a theme or focus? Who is it for? Me? The lovely friends who might peek in and read it? What do I call my blog? How do I start?

I thought maybe I'd start with a quote... something beautiful comparing children to flowers and in this way, cleverly refer back to title of my blog, which is (cleverly) a play on my family name. But really, I'm not that clever.

I did, however find some good quotes. The sweetest quote I found was, "The only thing worth stealing is a kiss from a sleeping child (Joe Houldsworth.)
The one which made me laugh was, "Boy, n.: a noise with dirt on it." I have a boy. Sometimes he's noisy. His hands and knees often have dirt on them. He likes flowers.

I'm expecting another boy. More on that soon...

With each child the world begins anew. (the Talmud.)


  1. Found you! Congratulations on your blog, and welcome (:

  2. Another boy... I was going to ask you!
    You, my dear, are clever beyond words!
    And I now adore your blog!
    Perhaps you will add a marionette section to your growing